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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mold?

Mold is generally found in dark damp areas with low to no air circulation initially. When you suffer from a water damage event like a burst pipe, frozen Air Conditioner line or backup in the attic, leaking roof. 

      Mold only needs 48 to 72 hours to rapidly spread out through your home. Keep in mind mold has irritants and allergens producing spores that are spread throughout your home via the air conditioning system once established. This is one reason we set up air scrubbers during our remediation and restoration process.

Mold Removal  cannot wait!

Bad News frown

Mold comes in many forms, and mold is literally everywhere. Most mold is completely harmless to everyone. The very few types of mold that may be harmful can be very dangerous. Symptoms of mold contamination are usually allergy and similar type symptoms. Some of the more dangerous “Black Mold” can cause much more severe respiratory complications and in rare cases, even death.

Good News smile

Mold has some distinct properties and grows under moist conditions. Because only an environmental engineer can diagnose mold, and they are VERY expensive, most people who suspect mold simply choose to have moisture readings done and have the “potential” mold contamination restored. This is what we generally recommend because an environmental hygienist is so costly. It is much more cost effective to have mold remediation and restore the property than to pay a hygienist, pay doctor bills, pay workers comp in commercial cases and worse, lawsuits for persons who may claim to have been sick simply by seeing mold. 

Best News laughing

Getting rid of mold is not as costly as other options. At NOVA Facilities Maintenance Services, we are able to respond rapidly to mold remediation calls and get underway within 90 minutes. This means that if there is a suspected mold, we will take care of all possibilities for growth. We will come in and do moisture readings, inspect the area for potential water intrusion, determine the source and remedy the mold. 


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What to know about Mold and Black Mold

60-120 Min Response

James the owner of the company has his cellphone with him at all times. And yes he will pick up when you call. Should he miss your call his response time is 15-30min. 

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VA Beach NOVA FMS has all the equipment and teams to handle your situation in regards to Fire, Flood damage or water damage and let’s not forget MOLD!

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What is the cost?

Depends on what is going on with your property? Will not know until we open up the walls.

Will my insurance cover the damage?

It is our guarantee that you the client will only pay the price of the deductible if our on-site technician gives approval for the work to be done because he believes the insurance company will pay for the remediation. Should this happen you will only be held liable for the cost of the deductible you would have paid anyway. 


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